Rock style not my cup of tea!


It’s all about the way she look you in the eye


Stylish and cool


Off the shoulder


Smile and have fun




Getting ready in the city streets

I am the kind person that just  don’t go to my wardrobe and decide what I will wear, I actually put a lot of thinking into it before hand. Because wearing an outfit for me means that I have to live up to what I wear.

In a way I feel that I create an expectation that must be fulfilled. How many time have you sen or talked to someone who looks the part but the minute you talk to them that impression is gone.

I have learned to become the outfit that I wear and this is not necessary easy because it means that you have to become someone different. Perhaps a little tougher looking or some softness

I associate what I wear with attitude, personality and confidence. In the case of this outfit I become a girl who would project herself and pass the idea that she is into rock, she is cool and stylish. It was not so easy, but I hope I have managed to achieve it, because to be honest that is not my style yet I made it look like that I am so into it.

Who said that style and sense of fashion is not so important?

It has taken me quite a while to understand the importance of been a confident person. Not because because I wanted to be seen as arrogant or cool, but simply because I wanted people to respect me and take me seriously! Been a young girl in the big mad world didn’t help me, but then something happened.

I started to watch and observe how  most successful and powerful women dresses and guess what they do it extremely well. Day in day out I would read the magazines, watch the newspaper and in most cases I would notice the same.

So I said it must be a connection between dressing well and been comfortable and confident in the way we perceive ourselves, since then I have been testing, exploring and discovering that in order to build success we need changes and need to take risks.

With the search in finding my style and sense of fashion it’s necessary to almost become a new you as it takes you to try outfits and trends you never thought before.

If we think of the reasons why we get ready when going out to meet a friend, a dinner date or a business meeting is because we want to be successful and that is why we put our best dress or suit.

Why not make a habit of giving your best when it comes to dress up and put an outfit together.

You certainly are 1in a million

We are living in such an exciting times where everything has became so much easier than it used to be. The way we communicate, the way we eat today and the way we dress.

But like everything in life has its pros and cons and been a woman in this century can be trick because we are told by the society what is cool and what is not. How we should eat and how think we should be.

The reality it’s that with that in mind and the way beauty in seen today makes us and specially younger generations to doubt about the way we look and the way we are.

Being one of them I would like to say that you are are an amazing person, not perfect but constantly changing to feel the way you are supposed to. Always remember you are what you make of life and never live by the rules of them as they are not you and they don’t go through what you do.

Maeve faux fur jacket and me

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Fashion set Us Free

My love affair with Maeve faux fur jacket

I am probably the number one fan of jeans, and the reason been is because it’s so easy to wear, extremely easy to style as you can make it casual, relaxed and smart casual. In this instance here I made it more smart casual by throwing a faux jacket for smarter and fun look.

Make it always about key items to pull amazing and unique outfits that are only yours.

What it takes to find your style?

I must say that I find it very encouraging seeing women who are fashion icons and I find it amazing how well and how confident they are.

I used to buy endeless fashion items that I would rarely wear, but thanks to the person I am becoming, I am learning that the secret is to do like the Italians where they have some key fashion items and style it in many different ways.

Spending more time going trough what you have and what can be reused can save you in the long run and it makes you more conscious of buying stuff that you don’t need. I always find it amazing how successful it can be to actually plan your outfit few days before the actual occasion day.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to pull out a great outfit

So I have been running around busy with my full time job, but I was determined to have a cool, pretty and exciting outfit for my latest photoshoot. After been to so many stores I landed in Zara, which was still on sale.

So I go through all the stuff that no one would want anymore as at that stage those items had been there for two long. I pick this blue shirt or dress which I wasn’t sure at the time .

I then move to TKMaxxi where I find a lovely grey pair of socks for € 1.99 which I immediately associate with my silver shoes from Primark which was only €5.99 then I had this orange strap from a handbag I never wore plus my pink the only item of this current season plus a tinny orange bag and my favorite doll.

And then the magic happens . I was astounded of how lovely the outfit looked and even more considering the little money I spent on it.

In the end I projected an image of a woman who is comfortable in her skin and more importantly she is comfortable with what she is wearing.

Then bingo the secret is to be comfortable with the outfit you are carrying and make sure you belong to the place where you are in every situation.😘

There is something about pink

Pink is one of my favorite colors and I guess is also the favorite of many others. But in my humble opinion I always find it so feminine, touching and very delicate. I think that pink brings out something very special when it comes to putting an outfit together.

This is the kind of outfit I would wear in a spring day out with the girls or would wear it in a day that I went shopping as it’s comfy , casual and very stylish.

what is your favorite color ❓